3-22-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

3-22-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

Main work

  • Squat w/15% band tension. Work up to a 1-3 rep max; then 85% of that max for 2 sets of as many as possible.
  • SSB or Camber bar goodmornings 1x8. Work up to a top set of 8. This may take you 2-3 rounds to find your heaviest top set.

Auxiliary work

  • Single leg reverse hyper 3x15 each leg
  • back extension or ghd back extension 3x10-15 holding heavy plate
  • Single arm kb swing 3x15- heavy as possible with keeping posture. Stay in tune with your body- if kb swings aggravate your back, lighten it up.
  • banded sit ups or standing banded crunches 4x15
  • hamstring of choice 1x100

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