3-2-21 TUESDAY Upper body volume

3-2-21 TUESDAY Upper body volume

Main work

  • Dynamic effort Bench 9x3x40-50% + chains or bands
    Today's work is for speed and the percentage on the bar can be adjusted to keep bar speed. The best way to determine what your bar weight should be is to begin with 40%. If you can maintain bar speed then increase the percent. When the bar slows down, then decrease percentage on the bar.
  • Shoulder press -strict or push press 5x5x75%
    Self regulate and lower percentage as needed to get through all sets/reps
  • Barbell skull crushers to pins 5x3-6 - heavy
    superset these with: hammer curls 5x10-12

Auxiliary work

  • Superset with little rest:
    • landmine t bar rows 4x10
    • Single arm DB row 4x3-6 each side - Heavy
      Pick a heavy weight you can do 3-6 reps without losing form
    • Hammer curls 4x10-15
  • 1x100 banded tricep PUSH downs
  • 2x10-15 banded external shoulder rotations - each side


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