3-2-20 Max Effort upper body

Warm up

2 rounds of:

  • banded tornadoes
  • 15 banded side raises
  • 15 banded bicep curls
  • 15 banded tricep pull downs
  • 15 banded standing rows

Main work

  • DB bench press 3x"max reps" 
    warm up a few rounds with lighter weight then start your first set. log your weights & reps
  • Push jerk 3x1
    warm up a few sets and get to your heaviest 3x1 rep (sets)x(rep)
    *note doesn't need to be a max, just heavy for the day. If you're not proficient with "jerks" {insert snicker} sub with push press.

Auxiliary work

5 rounds of:

  • `12 (2) block bench press
  • Max reps pull ups

if time, end with 5 rounds tabata abs 20/10:

  • pick two of your favorite ab movements

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