3-19-20 Lower body focus conditioning

We are still open as of right now for our local gym. If in the event the gyms get shut down in our area, we will be moving to online class times & our workout focus will shift between light weight strength training/cardio. I'll be sure to create workouts that can be done with bands, db's & kettlebells.

You will be able to check out items from the gym if you need but I would advise to purchase a few items now just in case I don't have enough for everyone.

For those that have all the strength equipment at home.. we will still continue to provide our strength training programming as well.

We'll get through this and come back stronger!


Warm up

yoga sequence for mobility

then, 3 rounds of the following: 

  • 10 banded shoulder presses
  • 10 cuban rotations
  • 20 banded walks


3 rounds of:

  • 60 sec sprints with mash up carries
    *carry odd objects from one end of the gym to the other in 60secs. keep transferring from one side to the other until time is over.  If setting this up at your home gym, take it to the side walk- use different size db's, kettlebells, med balls, any odd object you can find.
  • 60 secs sit ups

3 rounds of:

  • 60 sec overhead squats HERE
    if you don't have a barbell or not proficient with the movement, substitute with DB front squats
  • 60 sec burpee box jump OR 60 sec med ball slam burpee HERE

 3 rounds of:

  • 60 secs PILATES leg lowers with circles (I'll post a video in the morning for these)
  • 60 secs burpee mountain climber*
    *during the 60 secs complete as many round of the following sequence
    3 burpees + 10 mtn climber

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