3-18-21 THURSDAY d/e Lower Body

3-18-21 THURSDAY d/e Lower Body

Main work

  • Box squats 8x2x60% + 25% chain or band
    Note- stay with the same bar you've been using. This is our last week and then we rotate again.
  • Deadlifts 8x1x70% + 30% chains
    Tune in: this is 100% at the lockout with the additional chain. If your back isn't tolerating the additional chain, don't add it. It will do you no good to pull or injure something in training. The goal is to always hoover near the area of tolerance, learn to back off when needed, and touch the fire at competition!

Auxiliary work

  • back extensions 3x10-12
  • reverse hyper 3x10-12 moderate
  • KB sumo deadlift elevated feet 3x10
  • Goblet squat 3x10 moderate/heavy
  • hamstring of choice:
    • 1x100 banded hamstring curls
    • 1x100 banded goodmornings
    • 2x30-40 DB stiff leg deads (light/moderate)

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