3-16-21 TUESDAY D/E upper

3-16-21 TUESDAY D/E upper

Main work

  • Bench 5x5x75% - comp grip
    Your focus should be on the "perfect" rep. In reality, you will always chase perfection, but the goal is to not allow yourself to be sloppy. If your form is breaking down during reps, call your own bullsh$t and lower the weight. Build your base- brick by brick.
  • Incline DB bench 2x20
    Take a warm up set or two to find your working weight. Really tune into your body and make yourself work for 20 reps

Auxiliary work

  • Superset 5 rounds of:
    • 10 db lateral raises
    • 10 db shoulder presses
    • 10 pushups
    • rest 1 min between rounds but keep rest 0 to very little during the rounds.
  • Superset 3 rounds of:
    • 10-12 Wide grip lat pull downs
    • 10-12 db bent over single arm rows
    • 20 banded straight arm pull downs
    • rest 30 secs between rounds but keep rest 0 to very little during the rounds.

Optional "additional work"
Being in tune with your body is important as a strength athlete. Knowing your weaknesses and putting an effort to work on them will be invaluable. Perhaps today you pick one think to work on for 5-10mins.

  • 1x100 abs
  • 1x100 banded hamstring curls
  • work shoulder & hip mobility
  • work a weakness you have for 3x10-20 reps

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