3-15-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower Body

3-15-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower Body

Main work

  • SSB or Cambered bar 3x1+25% chains or band tension, THEN 1x85%x"max reps
    • Start with 50% bar weight + 25% chain weight, add weight and work up to a 1RM or heavy. The goal is not to find failure but to find a weight that makes you grind. When you find it stop. Don't be tempted to add weight.
    • Then, 85% of that weight for 1x"max reps"
  • Goodmornings with competition deadlift stance 1x6
    Work up in weight to a top set of 6 reps. You may have 4-6 sets to find your top set of 6 reps. If your back can't tolerate the load, just get a few good sets in and shut it down.

Auxiliary work

  • Back extensions 3x20 bodyweight only
  • Band pull throughs 3x30
  • Single leg RDL 4x10 each side
  • Banded sit ups 4x20
    If you're unable to do 20 reps, accumulate 50-80 in total
  • Banded hamstring curls or med ball goodmornings - your choice 1x100

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