3-1-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower body

3-1-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower body

Main work

  • Deadlift against bands 3x1
    Warm up to 50% on the bar, then add 1 band. Continue adding bands until you find a heavy rep. We are not looking for failure but rather a good heavy rep. Once you find that weight the work is 3x1

    Today's work can be done with either bands or chains. If using chains, keep adding chains until you find a heavy 1 rep.

Auxiliary work

  • reverse hyper 4x8-10 @40-50% of your 1rm squat
  • weighted calf raises 4x10-15
  • DB front squats or goblet squat with heels elevated 4x8-10
  • 1x100 banded hamstring curl
  • 1x100 banded goodmornings
  • 1x100 ab of choice

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