2-20-20 Lower body focus conditioning

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 20 banded abductors
  • leg swings
  • 20 sit ups
  • hip opener

5 rounds of:

  • 4 front squats @60% of your 1rm
  • 6 lateral side lunges *each side


  • 12 banded kick backs *each side 
  • 12 glute thrusters

end with tabata 6 rounds 20 secs work 10 secs rest of:

  • alternate lunge back w/plate twist
  • plate hold overhead w/flutter kicks
  • hanging knee raises

Training notes:
Front squats- if you're new to front squat substitute these with DB and do 6-8 reps.



  • Susie

    @PaulaOrtiz you are welcome! Please feel free to reach out if you need anything

  • Paula Ortiz

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate this. I am beginner . Ready for a CHANGE 💪🙏🤷

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