2-19-20 Max Effort Lower Body

Warm up

4 rounds mobility tabata style 20/10:

  • forward fold
  • up dog
  • down dog
  • childs pose
  • warrior 2
  • warrior 3

Main work

  • Work up to a heavy one rep squat
    *we rarely do a full max squat or deadlift, so this is a little exciting; however, there's a reason why the full squat for max effort days is rarely added in.  First, with variations of the squat, if you're getting PR's most likely your full squat is going up as well. Second, it's to protect ourselves from failure and letting that mindset sink in our heads.  Third, to get a true 1 rep max adequate recovery is needed. Fourth, safety. Pushing your limits will put you more at risk of injury. As you progress, you get to know your body and the signals it's giving to you but as a new lifter you may not be sure of what your body is saying to you.

    With that being said, DON'T FAIL today. If you're new and have no idea where your squat is at.. I understand that failing is part of the process of figuring out where your at, but please try not to. For those of us who have been lifting for a while; most likely you have a pretty good idea of where your squat is at.  Don't fail.. leave some in the tank.
  • Option for beginners or those not comfortable reaching for a max today
    Squats 4x6, on your last set do an AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Auxiliary work

  • banded goodmornings 3x6
  • single leg deadlifts 3x6 *each side
  • weighted back ext or reverse hyper 3x10-12
  • sled drag 2x2mins or 3x100 banded walks


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