3-3-21 Wednesday Recovery/Conditioning

3-3-21  Wednesday Recovery/Conditioning

Warm Up

5 Sun Salutations 

This is an excellent video explaining the movements and the pitfalls. Sun salutation is an excellent full body warm up and can be used daily. Create a flow with the 5 to start today's workout.

3 rounds

  • 60 sec sand bag carry
    heavy sand bag can be substituted with duck walks, farmer carry, or any odd object carry
  • 60 sec rowing
  • 60 sec jump rope
  • 60 sec rest


Tabata 8 Rounds 20:10


3 Rounds, 15 each

  • Donkey Kick Right
  • Fire Hydrant Right
  • Donkey Kick Left 
  • Fire Hydrant Left


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