2-15-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

2-15-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

NOTE: Stay with either whatever bar you use today for the next 3 weeks on VOLUME lower body days.

 Main work

  • SSB or Cambered squat
    3x1x90% or Work up to a heavy 1 rep but with no failures. If you don't have access to a SSB or cambered bar, sub today with a regular bar Box squat 3x1x90% or work up to a heavy but with no failures.
  • SSB or Cambered bar goodmornings 4x6-8 moderate weight- add bands if strength and ability is there. Keep rest time low between sets
  • Reverse hyper or GHD back extensions 3x10-12 @40% of your 1rm squat

Auxiliary work

  • Superset with little rest:
    • kickstand deadlifts 4x5-8 each leg moderate/heavy
    • DB front squats 4x5-8 moderate/heavy
  • 1x50 weighted ab of choice - keep rest short or none

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