2-11-21 Thursday Volume lower body

2-11-21 Thursday Volume lower body

Warm up

Take 10 mins and get your body ready. Focus of today- glutes. Get your glutes turned and firing. Since we're starting a new training cycle, let's also start it off with the basics of proper bracing, keeping your back arch, & knees tracking out. If you find you have weaknesses in any of these areas, start addressing them now. Lower weight on the bar until you master these basics. Our next Max Day for the competition squat, bench, dead will be the last week in May.

Local people, I'll be working one/one with you. For those of you following along online, please feel free to videos of issues you need to work on and our team will help you.

Main work

  • SSB or Cambered bar Squats 5x5x70%
    Pick either a SSB or Cambered bar and stick with it for the next 3 weeks on Thursday volume days. After 3 weeks we will rotate bars
    Note- if you're working with limited equipment and don't have a specialty bar use a regular bar. Some variations you can add in - changing your stance & bar position- ex: if you are a low bar squatter, change to high bar/narrow stance. Providing there are no injuries preventing you from switching from low bar to high bar, change it up for variation. 
  • Deadlift 6x2x60% + 30% chains or bands
Auxiliary work
  • Barbell step ups 5x5 each side -heavy with moderate box height
  • DB stiff leg deadlifts 5x10 -heavy
  • Banded hamstring curls 1x100


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