12-16-19 upper body volume

warm up

4 rounds of: 

  • 10 band pull aparts 
  • 10 h rolls 
  • 10 face pulls 

then 1 round of 20 DB bench press 

main work 

  • bamboo bar bench press 5x6
  • bamboo bar static lockout holds 3x max time


complete 3 rounds of: 

  • 12 DB shoulder press
  • 12 barbell push up 
  • 20 Chain side raise 
  • 12 KB high pull
  • 15 burpees 

training notes:

bamboo bar: if you don’t have access to a bamboo bar sub with bottoms up kb bench press - for the bamboo lockout, sub with a regular bar static heavy holds 

burpees: sub with 45 seconds row or bike if needed

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