12-8-20 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper body

12-8-20 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper body

Warm up
Note: If you didn't get a chance to complete Monday's 2nd workout, add it in as your warm up.

Yoga flow:

  • mountain to forward fold- up dog -down dog- lunge- swan pose
    REPEAT other side

3 rounds of a 10 min amrap:

  • 10 barbell push ups
  • 10 lateral side raises
  • 10 bicep curls
  • 10 banded cuban press HERE

Main work

  • Bench close grip 5x5x75%
    If you're nursing shoulder injuries, take these out wider or use a slingshot
  • Seated shoulder press 4x6-8
    db or barbell
  • barbell skull crusher to pins 4x6-8
    take a warm up set to find your working weight
  • Lat pull downs - wide grip 5x10
    hold for 2 secs and a slow 3-4 count back to starting position
  • banded straight arm pull downs 5x15-20
  • Plank hold 3x1min

Second workout
To be done after rest, later in the day or add in for Wednesday's work

  • 100 barbell pushups
    Set your hands as if doing an inverted bench press and make sure to use your upper back. Squeeze the lats and launch off the barbell
  • 100 banded rear delt rows
    Set your band high and pull in to your chest using the rear delts
  • 100 single arm tricep pull downs


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