12-4-20 COMP PREP Friday max effort upper

12-4-20 COMP PREP Friday max effort upper

Warm up

4 rounds with no rest:

  • 1 sled trip- moderate
  • 20 back extension body weight only
  • 15 REVERSE hyper @50% of 1rep squat
  • 10 wood chops- each side HERE

 Main work

  • Bench 4x6x70%, then 3x1x70% + 30% chains (lower chain weight if needed)
  • Incline Bench 3x6x70%
  • Super set with no rest:
    • incline tricep kick back 4x10-12
    • banded tricep pull downs 4x30
    • hammer curls 4x10-12
  • DB lateral raises 3x10-12 moderate weight, then 1x"max reps"
  • Banded rear delt fly 3x30

Second workout
Second workouts are intended to be done later in the day or tomorrow as a small workout.

  • 100 barbell pushups
  • 100 banded chest supported rows
  • 50 single arm lat pull down
    bring elbow into the body HERE

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