12-31-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower body

12-31-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower body

Warm up

2 rounds of:

  • 30 sec plank hold + 15 sec side plank right + 15 sec side plank left
  • 15 sit ups

1 round of:

  • 30 banded goodmornings
  • 10 back extensions
  • 5-8 squats with 3 sec hold in bottom postiion

Main work

  • Axel or trap bar deadlift 6x2x70% add chains or bands only if it moves well
  • Super set with little rest:
    • 4x10 Kb swings
    • 4x10 DB walking lunges
  • Super set with little rest:
    • 4x12 reverse hyper @50%
    • 4x10 back extension holding plate

Second workout

  • 1x10 min sled drag- heavy
  • 2x100 banded hamstring curls
  • 1x50 weighted ab of choice
  • 1x50 banded squats
    Place band at knees. Take your time on these to make sure knees don't cave in and you're keeping your back neutral (no crashing or caving at the bottom).  If you find you're having difficulty keeping knees out or making depth.. make note and make sure you reach out to me for some assistance on correcting.


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