12-29-20 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper

12-29-20 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper

Warm up

Take a few mins to warm up your back and core. Then:

  • 1x100 tricep pull downs
  • 1x100 banded rear delt fly
  • 2x15 banded shoulder rotation - each side
  • 2x30 chest supported row

Main work

  • Close grip Bench 5x5x65% amrap on last set
  • shoulder press 5x3 work up in weight with your last being heaviest
  • Single arm db floor press 3x6-8 each arm
  • Tricep skull crusher 3x6-8
    using barbell from floor
  • Superset with little rest of:
    • 4x10 arnold press
    • 4x8 DB single arm bent over row
    • 4x5 pull ups
      use bands if needed
  • 1x100 tricep pull downs
  • 1x50 banded high pulls
  • 1x100 chest supported row


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