12-24-19 Christmas Conditioning

Warm up
4 rounds tabata of:

  • kb swings
  • warrior 3 hold R
  • warrior 3 hold L

then, 2 rounds of:

  • 10 scap push up *externally rotate the shoulders in the plank position and "push up" only with the scapula
  • 10 "no money" band mini pull aparts *hold palms face up like you got no money ;)
  • 10 banded fire hydrants
  • 10 banded kick backs each side

Complete 5 rounds tabata 30secs work 15secs rest of:

  • barbell thrusters HERE sub with DB is needed
  • box jumps
  • pulls ups or ring rows

rest 5 mins then, 5 rounds tabata 30secs work 15 secs rest of:

  • kb swings
  • mtn climbers
  • squats

end with 8 rounds tabata abs 20/10:

  • sit up
  • leg lowers

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