12-14-20 COMP PREP Monday max effort lower

12-14-20 COMP PREP Monday max effort lower

Warm up

After a bit of dynamic movements (yoga flow or other movements that create bloodflow and prime the body), then:

  • 100 banded walks- forward, back, side to side
  • 1 round with no rest of:
    • 30 sit ups
    • 20 russian twist
    • 10 v crunches
  • 100 banded walks- forward, back side to side

Main work

  • Goodmorning from pins 3x3x90%
  • SSB “no hands” squat 5x4x65%-70%
    Set your safety pins so that you're above parallel and land to the safety pins each time. "No hands" is going to force you to brace much more and use a lot of mental effort. The percentage is a range, choose the weight that feels like you're working hard but within your capacities. Take a few warm up sets if you need to find the right working weight.

    Here's a video of me doing them, the only difference landing to chains vs safety pins. HOGPIT "NO HANDS" SQUAT

    If you don't have access to a SSB, substitute today's movement with regular squats 4x6x65%-70% (I don't recommend "no hands" with any other bar)
  • Kickstand deadlifts 3x6-8 each leg  HERE
  • Barbell glute thrusters 3x10-12 moderate/heavy

Second workout

  • 100 banded hamstring curls
  • 5x20 back extensions body weight only
  • 5x8-10 reverse hyper @70-80% of your 1rep max squat

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