12-10-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower body

12-10-20 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower body

Warm up
If you missed any of this week's second workouts, this a good time to add them in as your warm up. Otherwise, complete the following:

Yoga warm up

  • choose your favorite moves to get some bloodflow to the body and lightly stretch out tight areas

3 rounds with no rest of:

  • 10 reverse hyper - light/moderate
  • 15 back extension or ghd back extensions
  • 10 leg lowers
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 walking lunges

Main work

  • Box squats 8x2x65% + 25% chain or band
  • Deadlifts 8x1x70% + 30% chains - if your speed is slow, remove the chains
  • SSB or camber bar goodmorning 4x5 moderate
    if you don't have access a specialty bar, sub with regular bar
  • Sumo deadlift 4x6-8 light/moderate as an auxiliary movement
  • DB reverse lunge w/front foot elevated 4x6-8 each side

Second workout

5 rounds of:

  • 1 heavy sled trip
  • 40 banded kb stiff leg deadlifts
    Make sure these are targeting the glutes and hamstrings, if you're pulling from your low back only, try adjusting from "stiff" leg to more of a deadlift. Imagine a high bar stool behind you that you're trying to tap with your bottom
  • 10-15 banded or weighted sit ups


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