12-1-20 COMP PREP Tuesday upperbody volume

12-1-20 COMP PREP Tuesday upperbody volume

Warm up
We will be incorporating a smaller "workout" as our warm up. These may consist of lower & upper body movements. The goal is to get extra volume that is lighter and provide lots of bloodflow. Make sure you move with purpose during these warm ups. Don't waste time.

  • 100 banded reverse flys
  • 100 banded hamstring curls
  • 100 ab of choice

Main work

  • Bench 8x8x60-75% 
add 5lbs if possible from last week. If you're just joining our programming today. The percentage is a range. Find the range you can hit all sets & reps.
  • DB incline bench 3x6-8 heavy
  • Overhead tricep extension
    warm up set then:
    • 3x8-10 moderate heavy
    • 1x"max reps" - reduce weight and go for max reps
  • Latmine row 5x10-12
  • Pull ups 5x8-10
    sub with barbell inverted rows if needed

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