11-9-20 WEEK 2 of 3 week cycle. MONDAY Max Effort lower

11-9-20 WEEK 2 of 3 week cycle. MONDAY Max Effort lower

Warm up
Take time to roll out any tight spots, dynamic movements to get bloodflow,  & address specific mobility issues you may be having, then:

  • 1 sled trip
  • 1x20 reverse hyper, GHD or back extension- light
  • 1x20 sit ups

Main Work

  • SSB or Camber bar wide stance - high box squat 3x1
    Get 3 lifts at 90% or above. Take your stance out as wide as you can keeping box high. Next week, we will take the box down a little.
  • SSB or Camber bar wide stance - high box squats 5x4x70%

Auxiliary work

  • Reverse hyper 5x25 @50% of your 1 rep max squat weight *see below
  • Back extension 3x20 body weight only
  • DB incline hamstring curl 3x10-12 HERE

Second workout
can be done later in the day if time or fatigue is an issue

  •  Super set with little rest
    • 5x6-8 hanging leg raises
    • 5x10 weighted or banded sit ups
      note- challenge yourself on the abs
    • 5x20 kb swings
      If swings get your low back too much, substitute with kb deadlift

*Reverse hyper
It's time to ramp up our Reverse Hyper volume. I've been letting the weight on the reverse hyper go by "feel", but I"ll be adding the reverse hyper volume in our programming to get us up to speed with 4x our squat volume. If you're new and need to scale back, please do so with the end goal in mind of pushing up the volume.

For those that want to know more- our reverse hyper volume should be 4x the d/e squat volume 2x a week. Example: a 300lb squatter gets around 4300lbs of volume on d/e days (24reps x 180lbs), so the reverse hyper volume would be 4300x4= 17,200lbs.   For this squatter reverse hyper @ 5x25x150lbs = 18,750lbs

I'll be adding in different rep schemes and variations so that we keep challenging ourselves.

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