11-4-20 Conditioning and abs

11-4-20 Conditioning and abs

Warm up

  • Yoga flow- forward fold- plank- updog- down dog- lunge with twist - swan pose.  Make sure to do both sides

Training notes:  3 people to the conditioning workout at one time. If you're working in a group larger than 3, have another group start on the ab portion while the first group finishes the conditioning.


4 rounds of tabata 40 secs work/ 15 secs rest:

  • sled drag - light to moderate
    substitute sled drag with jump rope if needed
  • sit ups
  • 10 back extension or reverse hyper
    stop at 10-12 reps and rest for remaining 40 secs

then, 5 rounds tabata 30 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • wall ball mountain climber
  • wall ball leg wide to V crunch HERE
  • wall ball crunches (knees bent with wall ball resting on shins- then crunch up)
  • wall ball russian twist

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