11-30-20 COMP PREP Max Effort Monday

11-30-20 COMP PREP Max Effort Monday

Main work

  • 3in deficit deadlift 3x1x90%
    Work up in weight, then pull 3x1x90% or above. Remember, the goal is 90% but if it feels GREAT and your form is there, go for higher
  • Squats 3x6x65%
  • Reverse hyper 4x25x70%
  • Kb deadlift 4x15 - heavy
  • Superset with little rest of:
    • 3x6 bulgarian split squat
    • 3x10 goblet squat - heavy as possible

Second workout
The second workouts are intended to be done later in the day after your body has recovered. If you're new to our programming or a new lifter, this may be too much volume and can skip the secondary work.

  • 20 mins of: 

    • 1 heavy sled trip

    • 40 abs of choice

    • 20 banded hamstring curls

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