11-23-20 COMP PREP Monday max effort

11-23-20 COMP PREP Monday max effort

We're moving into comp prep for Feb 6th competition date. Even if you're not competing you'll be following the same programming and doing a max testing day for 1 rep maxes on squat - bench- deadlift on Feb 6th. Sign up for our virtual powerlifting meet to give you some extra motivation or just follow along and test your maxes in your garage.

Our programming is prepared by Susie Aranda but under the guidance & review of Coach Ken Wheeler. We may have changes based on Coach's review of programming.

Main work

  • SSB or Camber bar wide stance - box squat 3x1
Get 3 lifts at 90% or above. Take your stance out as wide as you can. You should lower the box from 11/9
  • Squats high bar -narrow stance 4x6x65%
  • Goodmornings 4x6-8 moderate

Auxiliary work

  • DB goblet sissy squat 4x15 moderate/heavy weight
elevate heels on a plate with narrow stance
  • Banded hamstring curls 2x100
  • Reverse hyper 2x30 @45-50% of 1 rep max squat
  • Sled drag 10 mins moderate/heavy


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