11-6-20 WEEK 1 of 3 week cycle. Max Effort upper

11-6-20 WEEK 1 of 3 week cycle. Max Effort upper

Training notes: We have lots of work to get through today. If needed, split this workout up into two separate sessions. This weekend try to get in some ab work and light stretches for tight spots.

Reminder that Coach Wheeler will be doing a Powerlifting seminar at GGB on Saturday at 8am. For those out of state or can't attend, we'll make sure to take video to share later.

Warm up

  • Foam roll your back to loosen up
  • 1x8-10 banded row to rotation HERE
  • 1X40 sec hold bamboo bar

Main Work

  • Bench - wide grip 3x1
    Max effort - 3 lifts above 90%. Don’t get greedy and fail. If you're unsure, leave it where it stands and get a new record next time
  • Shoulder press 5x5x65%
    Optional: If it moves well, do an AMRAP on your last set

Auxiliary work
Note regarding auxiliary work: take a set or two warmup to find the right working weight. Make each set count!

  • Lat pull down - wide grip 5x10-12
    if possible, use a specialty attachment. For those of us locally, try attaching the football bar
  • Single arm bent over row 5x8-10 each side moderate/heavy
  • Triceps work
    choose one of the following:
    • overhead tricep ext 4x10-12
    • jm press 3x6-8 moderate/heavy
    • db skull crusher 4x10-12
  • Superset the following with little rest or no rest:
    • DB lateral raises 3x12
    • hammer curls 3x12
  • single arm banded tricep pull down 1x100 each side
  • banded rear delt fly 2x100
    Rest after 100 and then finish the second set of 100. Take note of where you feel these, if you're targeting your traps more than the rear delt, try to put your mind into the muscle to focus on the back of the shoulder or choose a different movement that targets the rear delt better for you.

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