10-26-20 Deload week. Lower body

10-26-20 Deload week. Lower body

We've just completed a 3 week cycle and heading into a 1 week working deload. If you're just joining in with GGB's training, this is a good week to prep you for our next cycle or you also have the option of going back in our programming and starting at week 1. For the rest of us, Stick to the Plan!

Training notes: Our deload week is strategically programmed to prepare us for the next 3 week cycle. Recovery/deloads are important for growth. Here's a blog article Coach Cano wrote for us last year on the topic of Deload. HERE

Main work

  • Camber bar good morning work up to a heavy set of 3reps
    No need to over do it or try for a new max today.
  • Deadlifts 5x5x60% add chains if moves well

Auxiliary work

  • Banded hamstring curls 2x100
  • Back extensions 3x20 bodyweight
  • sled drag 1x15mins - light/moderate
  • 6 rounds tabata 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest of:
    • banded kick back + fire hydrant - RIGHT
    • banded kick back + fire hydrant - LEFT
    • hanging leg raises or leg lowers on the floor


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