10-21-19 Volume Bench

Warm up
2 rounds of:

  • plate front raises
  • round abouts *lay on bench and circle arms from sides to overhead
  • banded crossovers

then, 4 rounds tabata 20/10 of:

  • elevated mountain climbers
  • sit ups
  • push ups

Main work

Option 1)

  • Bench 12x2x50% + bands *stay on bench for 3 rounds before rotating partners - rest 10-15 secs between the 3 rounds - choose any grip you want today - speed.
  • bamboo bar hold 4x10-20 secs *hold mid extension

Option 2) limited equipment

  • Bench 12x2x65% *work on speed and explosiveness
  • "bamboo" bar hold 4x10-20 secs *use a regular bar and hang weights using bands to create instability

Option 3) beginners or no barbell/rack

  • DB bench press 4x10
  • Incline single arm db head presses 4x6-8 *hold db on one end and press. It will feel unstable= good. Go light until you feel that you can control it.

Auxiliary work
5 rounds of:

  • Max reps pulls ups *choose banded, kipping, ring rows, inverted rows...etc
  • Max reps DB Bench press

Max reps = as many as you can do to almost failure. Record your number and see if you can keep a close number each round. Tips- don't go too light on your DB weight. Pick a weight you can get around 12-14 first round

Try to go immediately from pulls ups to your DB press with as little rest as possible.

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