10-11-19 Volume Bench

Warm up
2 rounds of shoulder warmup:

  • single arm banded facepulls
  • H rolls HERE
  • tornadoes

then, 3-4 rounds tabata of:

  • sit ups
  • barbell pushup
  • scorpion HERE

Main work

Option 1

  • Bench w/chains 3x3 wide, 3x3 med, 3x3 narrow
  • Incline bench 4x6

Option  2) limited equipment

  • Bench 3x3x60% wide, 3x3x60% med, 3x3x60% narrow
  • Incline DB bench 4x8-10

Auxiliary work

  • tricep roll backs 3x12
  • lat pull down wide grip 3x12
  • landmine row 3x12
  • banded seated tricep ext  HERE

Then, 6 rounds of tabata abs 20/10:

  • side plank to knee crunch
  • twist
  • slow roll over

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