1-8-21 COMP PREP Friday Max effort upper

1-8-21 COMP PREP Friday Max effort upper

Warm up

Add in any auxiliary work you may have missed from the week into your warm up

2 rounds:
  • 15-20 banded pull apart
  • 15 banded external shoulder rotation of choice
  • 15-20 banded standing rows

1 round:

  • 20 back extension
  • 30 sec plank hold + 15 sec side plank - right + 15 secs side plank - left

Main work

  • Bench w/ 1 band 4x6x70%, 3x1x80-90%
    IF needed reduce the percentage. Use chains if you can't set up bands
  • DB bench 3x10-12 moderate/heavy
  • DB shoulder press w/neutral grip 3x8
  • Wide grip pull ups 4x5-8
  • Single arm lat pull down 4x6-8 each side
  • Barbell overhead tricep extension 3x8-10 moderate
  • Banded bent over tricep kickback 3x20-30
  • Bicep curl with DB or curl bar 3x10-12
  • 1x100 weighted ab of choice



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