1-8-20 Volume Lower Body

Warm up
3 rounds tabata 20/10 of:

  • banded wood chops R
  • banded wood chops L
  • downward dog foot taps here

then 2 rounds of:

  • 20 banded abductor
  • 20 lunge to knee ups *each side
    (this is basically a reverse lunge to a knee kick up.. no need to touch knee to floor)

Main work

  • Box Squats 8x3x55% + 25% band tension or chain weight
    *if you don't have bands or chains - 8x3x80%
    *warm up slowly to your 55% before starting sets

Auxiliary work

  • camber bar Goodmornings 4x6-8 *if you don't have a camber bar, do regular barbell GM, attach bands for extra tension if possible
    Why is it important to include GM's in you training? --> Here
  • banded KB stiff leg deadlifts 4x12-15
  • DB box step ups 4x6 *each side

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