1-7-21 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower

1-7-21 COMP PREP Thursday d/e lower

Warm up

Yoga flow to get blood flow to the body

2 rounds:

  • 10-20 back extensions
  • 30-40 supine banded abductor
  • 15-20 side "LOCK" claim shell HERE
  • 30 sec Warrior III each side HERE
    If you struggle with balance, use a light hand on your squat rack or other support

Main work

  • Squat 6x3x75%
  • Deadlift 5x5x70%
    For both squats and deads, add bands or chains if it moves well
  • Power cleans 4x3 moderate/heavy
    If your skill for power cleans is low or have never done them, substitute with 4x8-10 DB shrugs moderate/heavy
  • Superset with little rest:
    • DB box step ups 4x10 (5 each side) moderate box height/heavy weight
    • weighted ab of choice 4x15-20
  • 10 mins to work a weakness “free time”

Second workout

  • 2x5 min Heavy sled drag
  • 2x30-40 supine banded abductors on bench
  • 2x50 med ball goodmornings or banded hamstring curls

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