1-5-21 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper

1-5-21 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e upper

Warm up

2 rounds:

  • 15-20 banded pull apart
  • 15 banded external shoulder rotation of choice
  • 15-20 banded standing rows

Superset with little rest:  light/moderate

  • 3x10 DB shoulder press
  • 3x10 DB lateral raise
  • 3x10 DB rear delt fly

Main work

  • Bench 5x3x85% comp grip
    During your warm up, pause at chest and have a teammate call commands. Commands for bench - "Start- Press- Rack"
  • DB incline bench 3x6-8 @75%
  • Incline barbell skull crusher 4x10
  • Dips 4x10
    Substitute with box dips if needed
  • Lat pull down - wide grip 3x12-14 moderate
  • Bent over single arm row 3x6-8 heavy
  • incline DB row 3x8 heavy
  • ab of choice 1x100

Second workout

  • 100 banded rear delt fly
  • 40-60 banded external rotations - each side
    Complete the amount of reps that you can tolerate without over working the shoulder rotation


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