1-31-20 Max Effort lower body

Warm up:
2 rounds of yoga sequence

  • forward fold- updog-downdog- lunge twist
  • hip opener of choice

2 rounds

  • 20 banded abductors
  • 50 banded walks
  • 10 squats

Main Work

  • Work up to a heavy goodmorning from pins
  • Squats 5x3x70%

Auxiliary Work

  • back ext or reverse hyper 3x10-12
  • sled drag 3x150ft
  • goblet squat 3x6-8

then, 4 rounds tabata 20/10:
Stay on one movement for 4 rounds before switching movements

  • russian twist
  • banded kb deadlift
  • banded hip thruster
    *note we did this on Thursday.. adding in for those that missed it

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