1-26-20 COMP PREP Tuesday Upper body

1-26-20 COMP PREP Tuesday Upper body
Warm up
  • Dynamic warm up
  • then, specific warm up
    • upper back (band pull aparts, reverse flys)
    • shoulder stabilization (bottoms up kb holds, bamboo bar holds)
    • shoulder warm up (banded side raises, banded external rotations)
    • back (back extension, reverse hyper)

Main work

  • Bench 5x5x65% comp grip, pause on last rep or during warm ups
  • Incline bench 3x6x65%
  • Barbell tricep overhead ext 3x10-12 moderate
  • Barbell highpull 4x10-12
  • DB lateral raises 4x10-12
  • close grip lat pull down 3x10
  • DB incline row 3x10

Banded work

  • 1x100 banded bicep curl (50 each side)
  • 1x100 rear delt fly (50 each side)
  • 1x100 banded tricep kickback

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