1-22-20 Max Effort lower body

Warm up
2 rounds of:

  • 50 banded walks (25 forward- 25 backward)
  • 30 banded seated abductors
  • hip opener of choice *choose any hip opener you prefer (eg. swan pose, childs pose..) Link for ideas HERE

Main Work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max Anderson squat
    *If you don't have spotter arms to set the bar on for the anderson squat sub this movement with 5x3x70% on your 5th set do an amrap

Auxiliary Work

  • SSB squats or Front squats 4x6
  • Goodmornings 4x6
  • Weighted back ext or reverse hyper 4x12

end with tabata 8 rounds 20/10:

  • banded fire hydrant Left
  • banded fire hydrant Right
  • banded KB deadlift

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