1-2-20 lower body conditioning

Warm up
2 rounds of:

  • scorpion
  • swan pose both sides

4 rounds tabata 20/10 of:

  • squats
  • sit ups
  • planks

Auxiliary work

  • front squat 5x3*work up in weight to 70%
  • back ext or reverse hyper 3x12
  • calf raises 3x30
  • burpees 1x75 *do these at anytime during your workout to accumulate 75

complete 4 rounds of:

  • 150ft suit case carry @40-50% of your 1rm deadlift
  • 10 box jumps
  • 6 front squats @50% of your 1rm

training notes:
suit case carry: if you don't have access to a farmer handle, sub with a heavy kettlebell and do duck walks DEMO HERE if you don't have a heavy kb to use, substitute this with 75 banded walks.
box jumps: sub with lateral skater jumps if needed
burpees: if your back can't tolerate burpees, try elevating to a bench or sub with rowing or bike. 2mins = 20 burpees


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