1-19-20 COMP PREP Upper body volume day

1-19-20 COMP PREP Upper body volume day

Friday we will be doing Bench openers, have your numbers prepared and ready. Today's training is light/moderate to prep for Friday openers.

Warm up

Take a few mins with some dynamic movements (yoga) to get blood flow and mobility, then warm up these areas with band or light weight:

  • shoulders
  • lats
  • back (back extensions or reverse hyper - light)
  • abs (plank holds, bird dog, sit ups)

Main work

  • Bench comp grip - pause on last rep 5x5x55%
    Focus & practice your set up. We are training for 1 REP so think of your first rep as always being the only rep that counts! Keep light today even if you feel strong. Friday we will be doing our Bench openers and today's work is a "feeder" to prime us up.
  • DB bench press 3x6-8 moderate
  • Barbell shoulder press 3x6-8 moderate
  • Barbell skull crusher to pins 3x6-8
  • DB lateral side raises 3x8-10
  • 1x100 ab of choice
  • 2x20 banded shoulder rotations each side
  • 1x100 banded reverse fly

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