1-18-20 COMP PREP Squat Openers

1-18-20 COMP PREP Squat Openers

TRIBE! Only 2 more weeks of training and it's important to stay the course. Keeping yourself healthy and free from injury is extremely important in these last few weeks. Don't do anything stupid ;) cut out any extra physical activity that may cause overuse or injury. Recovery is everything at this point (Sleep • hydration • feeding your body well). CUTTING WEIGHT: 99.9% of us are not competing for a record, so don't be an asshole and start cutting weight as it will only effect your strength and recovery. You've worked hard for months and it's almost payday!!!

Warm ups
Warm up as you would the day of the comp. The weight on your warm ups can look like this below. I'm using a 250lb opener as an example (not going to look up kilos). This is not a locked in structure and you can adjust to what you need. My preference is singles as I start loading the bar.

example warm up:
mobility- include back, hips and any other areas needed
empty bar x 5-8
95lbs x 5
135lbs x 3
165lbs x 1-3
195lbs x 1
225lbs x 1
225lbs x 1  take this same weight at singles few times if needed to stay warm

Squat openers

  • 1st attempt
  • 2nd attempt w/reverse bands
    You may be tempted to do your 2nd without the reverse bands. DON'T unless I specifically instruct that your weight is okay to do without bands.
  • Don't max out on this lift today, be patient and wait. We will all be testing our maxes on the weekend of Feb 5th.

Auxiliary work

  • Goodmorning variation 4x6-8
    Options: banded with barbell, SSB, cambered bar, seated
  • Reverse hyper 3x12x50%
  • Back extension or GHD back raise 3x8-10 holding 45 plate
  • Hamstring work of choice:
    2x50-100 banded hamstring curl
    2x50-100 banded lying hamstring curl
    2x50-100 banded goodmornings
  • Glute work of choice:
    1x50-100 banded kick backs
    1x50-100 banded glute bridges
    1x50-100 banded clamshell

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