1-13-21 COMP PREP Wednesday Recovery and Restoration

1-13-21 COMP PREP Wednesday Recovery and Restoration

Warm Up: 

  • 5 Cat Cow. 5 Cats and 5 Cows - slowly in each movement.
  • 10 Bear to Squat. This is a slow movement. Hold bear to activate your core, hold in squat to stretch the hips.
  • 5 (each side) Spinal Rotation of your choice. Some examples are here, here and here

Keep in mind with the banded workouts on Wednesday - this is for movement, blood flow, and tendon health - not strength building. Find a band that gives enough resistance to move the body but not so much that you're using up all of your strength right away. 

Round 1: 4 Rounds, 25 each side

Round 2: 4 Rounds, 25 each

Round 3: TABATA 30:10 8 Rounds

  • Jump Rope. You can mix styles per round or just go straight. If you do not have a jump rope you can mimic the jump or do box step ups. 

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