1-12-21 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e effort

1-12-21 COMP PREP Tuesday d/e effort

Warm up

Pick your own movements -stay light with the goal to bring blood flow:

  • back
  • abs
  • shoulders
  • lats

Main work

  • Bench 5x3x80%
    Comp grip- pause at chest on your warm ups only
  • Incline bench 4x3x80%
    AMRAP on your last set
  • Barbell row 3x6-8 moderate/heavy
  • Chest supported row 3x10-12
  • KB skull crusher 3x10-12
    Do these as decline if you can
  • Rear delt fly 4x10-12
  • Arnold press 4x8-10

    Banded work

    • 1x50 banded lateral side raises - each side
    • 1x50 lying band pull aparts
    • 1x100 ab of choice

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