1-11-21 COMP PREP Monday Max Effort

1-11-21 COMP PREP Monday Max Effort

Deadlift opener and 2nd attempt for today. If you haven't already set out your attempts for the upcoming competition- take some time before starting your training and figure out what your 1st & 2nd attempts will be.

Warm up
pick your favorite movements to warm up:

  • hamstrings
  • glutes
  • back
  • abs

Main work

  • Warm up, then:
    1st deadlift opener attempt
    2nd deadlift attempt using reverse bands
  • Goodmornings - wide box squat stance 4x6-8
  • Box squat - wide stance/high box 1x20 @30-40% of your 1rm high box squat. If you don't have a max on the high box- warm up and use a weight you think you can get through 20 reps with.
  • Reverse Hyper 3x12 @40% of your 1 rm squat
  • Back extension 3x10-12 w/2 sec glute squeeze at top
  • 1x100 Hamstring curls
  • Sled drag 1x10 mins - alternating side step

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