1-1-21 COMP PREP Friday Max effort upper

1-1-21 COMP PREP Friday Max effort upper

Warm up

  • banded shoulder rotations 1x50 each side
    Your choice of movement- see HERE for examples
  • overhead banded extension 1x100
  • lying band pull aparts 1x100
    Lay flat on bench and get your back set same as bench set up. Pull apart and use the upper back.

Main work

  • Bench slingshot or reverse band bench 3x1
    Work up to 3 heavy singles
  • Incline bench 6x3x85%
  • DB pull over 3x6-8 - heavy
  • Bicep curl 3x10-12
  • lat pull down 5x10
  • seated row 5x8-10
    For those without access to a machine- see set up HERE

Second workout

  • 3x50m farmer carry @30-50% of your deadlift in each hand
    If you're new to these pick a weight on the lower percentage. Keep your core stable and take small quick steps. If you're working in a small space, do Farmer Carry Holds 3x"max time".
  • 3x50 barbell push ups

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