1-1-20 First Workout of 2020- Volume Lower Body

Warm up
4 rounds tabata 20/10 of:

  • banded walks
  • banded kick backs right
  • banded kick back left

then, 2 rounds of:

  • 1x10-20 secs bottom squat holds *brace on the rack and hold in the bottom of your squat - get low to prepare for squats and loosen up
  • 6 scorpion both direction

Main work

  • Box squats 8x3x55% + 25% band tension or 25% chain weight
    *below parallel - go as wide as you can, open knees and focus on using your hips & hamstrings vs the quads.. work on getting a straight shin.  Avoid just a tap on the box.. land all your weight down. Watch tips from the best "Queen Bee Power- Laura Phelps HERE

for beginners:

  • Box squats 5x5 with either bodyweight, barbell only, or dumbbells

Auxiliary work

  • Zercher hold goodmornings 3x8 HERE *use a camber bar if you have one. knee sleeves on your elbows helps
  • Sumo deadlift 3x8x50% *open those knees! just when you think they open, open them more
  • front foot elevated reverse lunge 3x10 *5 each side. can be elevated with a 45 bumper plate or higher.  If your new to lunges skip the elevated.

then 4 rounds tabata 30secs work/ 10 secs rest of:

  • banded bench leg swings HERE if the bench is too high use a small box
  • banded glute thrusters
  • banded kick back L
  • banded kick back R

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