9-16-20 Conditioning full body

9-16-20 Conditioning full body

Our conditioning is posted Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week. These workouts are designed for those with limited equipment and/or time. You can also add this on to our powerlifting program if you choose.

Main work
5 rounds tabata 30 secs work/15 secs work (no rest) of:

  • 30 secs jumping oblique twist
  • 15 secs stone to shoulder OR clean & press alternative
  • 30 secs static hold single arm front raises
  • 15 secs squat jacks
  • 30 secs burpee box jumps

then, 5 rounds tabata 30 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • weighted leg raises
  • single knee crunch with clap
  • oblique squat crunch

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