Week 1 | Day 2- Upper body 20231223

Week 1 | Day 2- Upper body 20231223
Sisters of Iron:  Day 2 Upper Body-  Week 1 Day 2

Welcome, Sisters of Iron, to another day of empowering strength training! Today's focus is on strength and speed for upper body.

Bench Press
5x6x65% of your maximum
Wide Grip

Auxiliary Work
  • 4x12-14 Tricep Extensions
  • 4x12-14 Seated Lat Rows
  • 3x15 Lat Side Raises
  • 10 Stir the Pot
Challenge your core stability with the 'Stir the Pot' exercise. Maintain a plank position while stirring in a circular motion. Engage your core for a full-body strengthener.

Wise Women in the Know

1. Mind-Muscle Connection: Concentrate on engaging the specific muscles during each exercise for optimal results.
2. Hydration and Nutrition: Fuel your body with proper hydration and nutrition to support your workout intensity and recovery.
3. Listen to Your Body: If something doesn’t feel right, modify or rest. Your body’s cues are essential for progress.

4. Consistency is Key: Stay committed to your routine. Consistent effort over time leads to remarkable progress.

Let's Conquer Together!

Encourage one another, celebrate victories, and push through challenges as a team! Your support system among Sisters of Iron is invaluable.

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