Virtual Powerlifting Competition Video Submission Guidelines

Virtual Powerlifting Competition Video Submission Guidelines

Our Sisters of Iron virtual powerlifting meet is approaching soon and we're excited to see all of your badass grinds! After your meet day, please upload your videos using our Google form HERE.


  • All video submissions must include the time stamp date or start the video with a video of a dated newspaper
  • Here are some timestamp app options:

    Time stamp apps

  • Ensure camera is securely mounted
  • All 9 lift attempts must be uploaded to our google forms HERE
  • All 9 lifts (including missed attempts) should be submitted
  • The camera should be at an approximately knee-hip height
  • Include the entire lift in video, from the start of the set-up to the time the hands have left the bar once it is safely in the rack or on the floor
  • Ensure that lighting in the room provides proper visibility
  • Ensure that bar load can be seen
  • Ensure that the entire body is in view
  • Video must be taken at knee-hip height from a 30-40 degree angle from lifter

Please contact us with any questions you have!


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