Introducing SOI Sponsored Athlete Landri Peden! Landri has been a supporter of SOI from the beginning days as Garage Gym Barbell and was our first and number one pick as a sponsored athlete. Hand selected to represent our brand for her strength, showing genuine care for women and for her enormous help that she's contributed to further develop our passionate tribe of women. Landri elevates her community by the power of strength and by her unwavering support to others. It does not go unnoticed! She is a true warrior!

Let's dive deeper into more about Landri with a few interview questions.

1. Tell us how you started competing in Powerlifting?

I have been an competitive athlete my whole life but after a few years of serious isolation and depression after getting out of the military I initially got into CrossFit but then after a couple years I had people telling me I was super strong for a crossfitter and that I should take up powerlifting and so I made the switch in may of 2019 and fell in love doing my first powerlifting meet September of 2019.

2. What do you see yourself accomplishing in five to ten years?

I want to continue with the sport of powerlifting and also refereeing in the USPA. I want to be the best athlete I can possibly be but also give back to the sport and community as much as possible!!! I would love to break a few more world records in more than one weight class and would like to get promoted to international USPA referee as I am currently a National level referee now!!!

3. Are there any short-term goals you'd like to accomplish in the next few months to a couple of years?

My next short term goal after the Women’s Pro Am is to cut down to the 75 kg weight class and compete at that class for awhile hoping my first meet at that weight will be in December this year.

4. What do you believe to be one of your weaknesses and what are you doing to improve it?

I put way too much pressure on myself. I get in my head and it’s my worst enemy. Thankfully I have an amazing powerlifting coach now Shane Sweatt who is fixing my mindset and helping me get my confidence back! 

5. What do you believe to be your greatest strengths as an athlete?

My next short term goal after the Women’s Pro Am is to cut down to the 75 kg weight class and compete at that class for awhile hoping my first meet at that weight will be in December this year.

6. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of powerlifting?

I like coloring I find it therapeutic 

7. How do you manage your training responsibilities and other outside obligations?

Really good time management! My schedule is extremely demanding between coaching athletes, training and being a mom! I make my schedule for the next week every Sunday and make sure to schedule in downtime for my family so I don’t forget to enjoy life outside of work and training!

8. Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?

I look up to my coach Shane Sweatt! He came into my life at a very difficult time and his mindset and guidance are just incredible! Our journey together has just started and I can’t wait to see where he takes me!

9. Describe your major highlights and achievements in this sport

I won overall best female lifter at Drug Tested Nationals 2020 and set the 82.5 kg world record women's open bench press hitting 237#. I also competed at the Drug Test North Americans this year with a messed up back and stuck it out and ended up winning my weight class as a 90 kg lifter.

10. What keeps you motivated day to day to continue training?

The constant pursuit of bettering myself each day and powerlifting is how I cope with my depression and PTSD and I promised myself years ago I will never go back to that dark place before I found my way to the gym and I will never break that promise as I’ve come too far and never looking back!!!

11. If you could go back and tell yourself a piece of advice for when you first started training, what would it be?

Don’t ever forget to have fun!

12. Would you like to add any other comment or piece of advice?

No matter how hard things get don’t ever give up! We are put through things to test us and make us stronger! I use to ask why so much pain? and then I realized it was because I was strong enough to survive and now I help others realize their strength too!--

Landri Deur

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