New Training Block- Week 1 |Day 1 Lower Body- 20231223

New Training Block-  Week 1 |Day 1 Lower Body- 20231223
Unveiling the Power of Strength at Sister of Iron: Monday Training Block

Welcome to Sister of Iron’s new powerhouse training block! Day 1, we dive into the cornerstone of strength training: squats. Get ready to amplify your strength and push your limits with our carefully crafted routine.

  • 75%x5
  • 80%x5
  • 85%x5 +1
  • 2x6x65%

These sets are designed to challenge and elevate your squat game. Start with a solid foundation and progressively increase the load, culminating in a final set where you'll push yourself beyond the expected. Embrace the burn and conquer those squats!

Note- +1= as many reps as you can
Get one and then add on to as many reps as you have in the tank. Some days.. it may be only 1. It's okay to stop there.

Auxiliary Work
Enhance your strength further with targeted auxiliary exercises:

  • 12-14 Good Mornings: Choose your weapon – barbell, banded with a bar, or solely banded – and feel the burn as you strengthen your posterior chain.
  • 12-14 Reverse Hyper or Back Extension: Strengthen your lower back and glutes.

Finish Strong

  • 2 Rounds Of:
    • 5 Opposite Style Deadlift: Challenge your body with this unique deadlift variation, activating muscles in new ways.
    • 1 Min Plank Hold: Engage your core and build stability with a solid plank hold.
    • 30 Banded Hamstring Curls: Target those hamstrings for a well-rounded lower body workout.

At Sister of Iron, we believe in pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and celebrating victories. This Monday routine is just the beginning of your journey towards strength and resilience. So, gear up, grab your determination, and let's crush this new training cycle together!

Stay tuned for more. Remember, the iron sharpens the iron, and together, we become stronger.

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